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With more than 30 years' experience, our team of experts create the ideal solution for your materials handling challenges.

Jaguar Landrover Production Line

About us

We’ve been delivering a wide range of conveyor technologies and automated materials handling systems for many years into many markets.

Our business has evolved from Conveyors International, to CI Logistics and the merger of Industrial Automation in Nottingham, (as part of the TEW Group) and L.B. Foster Materials Handling.​

As part of a NASDAQ listed engineering group, headquartered in Pittsburgh PA, L.B. Foster has the scale, capability and resources to deliver projects from major materials handling to smaller conveyor solutions.

We design, manufacture and install from our extensive factory facilities and Centre of Excellence in Nottingham. ​

Our software teams incorporate integrated PLC/Computer based systems to drive the handling and conveyor schemes whilst also delivering business ready analytics and insights.​

Our conveyors move everything from small and large packages, pallets, components, totes from the start of your production cycle to loading and distribution.​

Heavy handling​

We specialise in heavy handling conveyors such as moving engines and heavy car parts. ​

Awkward handling​

Our unique barrel/cask and awkward handling solutions are well known in the brewing and distilleries market.

A robotic arm with grabbers for Diageo