Keeping your business moving

Keeping your business moving is vital, that's why we're here to assist, ensuring your machines don't let you down, whether it's a spare part, routine maintenance or additional services.

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After Sales

We believe in keeping your business moving. In fact, keeping your machines moving with a great Aftersales service is a big part of how L.B. Foster look after your needs, long after initial installation of your conveyor, handling or automation solutions.

We’re on hand to make sure our products are running as efficiently as the day you purchased them, whether that’s providing spares, continued maintenance or inspections.

We understand and appreciate how important it is for your business to have fully functioning hardware/software and equipment. Our dedicated Aftersales team are available to help you with all your current and future requirements.

During unplanned/unexpected breakdowns, having to overcome obsolete components only increases the challenge to get you back up and running. At times, issues with product availability causes disruption, and then there are constant technological advances being made which improve software, design, and functionality. However, this leaves pre-existing devices outdated.

We currently have a critical equipment risk management initiative which many of our customers have utilised and reaped the benefits from.

By identifying the equipment that’s critical to performance, and how it would impact your business if a replacement part was no longer available or supported, allows you to be in control and plan for any potential downtime, whilst minimising the impact on your production. Although some equipment may be functioning as required at this time and replacing it may be far from the forefront of your mind, this could potentially cause preventable disruptions further down the line should these key components fail.

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